A vigorous and challenging style of yoga designed to build strength, balance and flexibility. Each class is based upon a Vinyasa flow including inversions, arm balances and core work. The room is heated between 90-95 degrees with steam added to increase humidity. Be ready to move, sweat and feel completely drained and vibrantly alive at the end of class! (* Students new to yoga: we recommend you take an ALL LEVELS class before taking a POWER class.)

A Power Vinyasa based class for ALL students — from beginners to advanced yogis. Instructor will offer modification options throughout the class to increase or decrease the intensity depending on each student’s ability. Moderate heat (90 degrees) and steam added to facilitate mobility.

Great for beginners, students on the mend from injuries and anyone interested in a slower and gentler paced class to help stretch and relax. The class will combine breathing exercises (pranayama) and postures (asanas) to enhance flexibility, balance and calmness in the mind as well as body. Modifications will be offered for all levels of students and physical conditions. Class is taught with moderate heat to help the body open and stretch.

We have four $6 Community Classes during the week: Tuesday 9:30am, Wednesday 7am, Thursday Noon and Friday at 7pm. These classes are ALL LEVELS and taught by experienced instructors — just at a reduced rate to make yoga accessible for everyone in our community

Please note: We recommend that you pre-register online for classes: especially during weekend and busy summer months. If you pre-register, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class so you can secure your spot. If you pre-register and cannot attend, please “early cancel” yourself from the class at least 30 minutes prior to the class. If you don’t “early cancel” then you will be deducted for the class. Students with an Unlimited Pass will have one day forfeited from their pass. The goal of this policy is to prevent our students from being denied an opportunity to attend a class because someone else signed up online but did not attend. Namaste.